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# Saturday, November 28, 2009
Niagara Falls and beyond...................
FACTOIDS: * Canadian Horse shoe falls- Length of brink – 2,600 feet - Height – between 54-58 metres (176-188 feet) -Volume of Water – 600,000 U.S gallons per second......... * The Maid of the Mist Pool at the foot of these falls is as deep as the fall is high. * American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls: -Length of Brink: 1,060 feet -Height: 176 feet * -Volume of Water: 150,000 U.S gallons per second.............. * Twenty percent of the world’s freshwater lie in the Great Lakes, and most flows over the falls. * Old Orchard Beach is a VERY popular seaside vacation destination for Canadians in the summer and the town’s population rises dramatically through the summer months. * Algonquin is Ontario’s first Provincial Park, established in 1893. * The area of Algonquin is 7,630 square kilometres. * There are 2,456 lakes found in Algonquin: 1,099 are named and 1,357 are unnamed. * On average, the west side of Algonquin has 84 frost-free days and the east side has 105 frost-free days. * In 1782, then President Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey as the USA National Symbol – however it was pipped to the post by the Bald Headed . Eagle. * Over Thanksgiving, an estimated 46-50 million turkeys will be eaten in the USA! * The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in the USA in 1621, and Abraham Lincoln declared it an annual event in 1863. However, Congress did not declare that this would be a National Holiday until 1941. * The first Thanksgiving Parade to take place at Macey’s in New York was in 1924. Now an estimated 44 million people watch the parade, both in New- York and World-Wide.
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